Is your restaurant ready for the summer holiday rush?

I know people are normally more laid back when they’re on holiday but if they’ve come from the ‘big smoke’ they still bring with them the expectation of receiving fast, attentive and efficient service whenever they go out to eat.

There’s no point taking a relaxing holiday to be severely irritated by the lack of professionalism when eating out in holiday town restaurants.

I understand it can be very hard to make a success of your restaurant and the prospect of earning enough income during the summer holidays (to get through the lean months) must be tantalizing. But restaurateurs do need to be realistic.

Just because there are fifty times the number of hungry customers in town doesn’t mean your restaurant’s kitchen will grow exponentially. A kitchen, is a kitchen, is a kitchen – it has a finite amount of space for the chef and staff to cook in safely; an overcrowded kitchen can be hazardous.

Plus in order to serve more meals you’ll need more crockery and cutlery, or if that’s not an option, then you’ll definitely need more dishwashers and cleaners so the turnover time can be faster. Tables and chairs could also be a problem – much as you’d like more customers – all those extra bums do need a seat!

And staff – have you got enough well trained waiters to cope with a hectic season? Are you hiring in extra waiters. Don’t leave it too late to train them as they’ll need as much experience as they can get to deal with all those extra customers.

Put a booking system in place to help cope with the influx of holiday makers and don’t forget to train the person who’ll answer the phone and take the bookings! Perhaps you can ask the letting agents in town to forward your restaurant’s details to their holiday house rentals so you can get the ball rolling.

And whatever you do – don’t bite off more than you can chew!

SIMPLY SERVICE TIPS to get you through the summer holidays in one piece:

1. Remember holiday makers bring great expectations with them.

2. Don’t overload your restaurant’s kitchen; it can be hazardous.

3. Train extra waiting staff now! Get them ready for the rush.

4. Use a booking system; so everyone is on the same page.

Keep sane this season! Let Simply Service help you train your new and existing waiters. It’s so simple. Before you let the new waiters loose on the holiday makers make sure they’ve watched our easy to follow basic waiter training courses. And if they pass the tests you’ll know you’re already a step ahead for the seasons rush!

See how we can prepare your team. Have a look at the Simply Service demo and prepare your staff for the busy holiday season.


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