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Customer service is the one thing that differentiates a good business from a great business! Your customers are the ones telling the world about you. So you see your staff training as one of the most important aspects to grow your business.

Simply Service’s Business Pro Membership gives you the edge!

5 COURSES / month

You can make use of 5 training courses per month. For example 5 staff doing 1 course each, or 5 course enrolments throughout the month from different staff members.


Your membership gives you a substantial discount on courses, making your staff training very affordable! Now your staff can be trained at all times.


Every week we send you industry tips you can use to keep your staff motivated and focussed on customer service.


You can choose to get daily or weekly short Quiz sheets to give your staff (and you) a way to see where their skill levels are at.

Monthly Membership

$ 124.00
per month

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No questions one-month refund

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$ 1,240.00
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Save $248!

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