You may think waiting is a job you do alone.  After all you’re working for your own tips, right?

Wrong! Waiting is a team game and everyone’s efforts make an impact on the restaurant as a whole. 

When I first started waiting I was a “runner”, just the same as many of you. Hopefully with the help of Simply-Service training that won’t last too long. As you start to learn the tricks of the trade you’ll progress.

Being a “runner” is basically working as a waiter’s personal assistant. You clear their tables, reset, empty dishes, get the bill, get the card machine, mop the floor, polish glasses, and fill ice buckets, top up drinks …..… It never ends! 

At the end of a night shift you’ll probably get a pat on the back and not much else. Don’t lose heart, endure, because in a few weeks you may have your very own “runner” and you’ll start to get your very own tips!

When given the opportunity get stuck in! Learn every aspect of the restaurant.  I went from a runner to waiter to manager at of one of Johannesburg’s biggest restaurants in 6 weeks because I stayed late, learnt how to help in the kitchen, cleaned the dishes at the end of the night, helped the other waiters and got STUCK IN! 

Working as a team means customers will have a better experience and you’ll work in a better restaurant with a better name ……. you get the point.  You’ll never be short of a table to serve.

I’ve seen kitchen cleaners become managers because they didn’t give up.

You’ll also find that team work is actually so much more rewarding than working alone and it’s great to watch new waiters become great waiters because of your help.

Helping other people is very fulfilling and makes you feel good too!

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