Who inspires you to make a difference? Who motivates you to go the extra mile, to be better than the rest?

Click on the link below to read a remarkable story of a young man who started out with nothing but his bubbly and friendly personality.

He’d never had a job in his life when he was fortuitously hired as a waiter, so it’s hard to imagine how he must have felt on his first day. How daunted he must have been in such an unfamiliar environment, especially as he’d never even eaten in a restaurant before. A real double whammy!

I suspect, though, this is not an uncommon scenario for many youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds, who struggle to get into the job market with only a basic education and little or no work experience. Perhaps exploited because of their lack of skills and know-how?

Then, if they are fortunate enough to find employment, whether in a shop, factory or restaurant, what a challenge it must be to negotiate their way around such a strange environment. Those first few weeks will probably make or break these youngsters, but I wonder how many will survive and succeed; how many will never work again!

So let’s hope some will be lucky enough to find employers who encourage rather than shame, offer guidance and support rather than humiliation and ridicule. Happily, if they are given the appropriate training, maybe the ‘sky is the limit’ just like our protagonist.

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