Restaurants be aware! Now more than ever is the time to jack-up your service levels to make sure you get great customer reviews! You can no longer afford to be complacent and hope that the digital age applies to other restaurants and not yours. The time has come – Big Brother is watching you!

According to Google, customers will soon be able to figure out what to eat and drink and where to go in a matter of minutes, wherever they happen to be in the world. How amazing is that!

Consumers will literally be able to explore and eat their way around any town. They’ll be able to follow the tastemakers, find new restaurants and see what’s trending in the food world, all based on information Google has gathered from local foodies, Googles own algorithms and trusted publishers.

Now when someone wants to find a unique place to eat with brilliant food and simply great service they’ll be able to tap a button and restaurants that ‘match’ their standards and requirements will be suggested to them – ‘explore-around-town-google-maps’ will be their own expert food guide.

Where do you fit in the restaurant hierarchy in your neighbourhood?

What are you doing to make sure you’re in the top league?

Don’t sit on the bench – don’t wait to be sidelined – you really do need to up-the-anti and be better than the rest.

Read more about how you can use Google Maps and its Explore tab here.

WAITER TIP: Great service = great online reviews!

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