If you don’t cross all your T’s there’ll be TROUBLE!

TRAINING and TEAMWORK are imperative for the smooth running of any restaurant. TOGETHER – is how you make it work.

In order to create a loyal TEAM, staff TRAINING is essential on a daily basis; it’s not negotiable, it’s compulsory. TRAINING is the backbone of any restaurant; it’s what keeps it on TRACK, it’s what enables it to move forward. TRAINING needs to be underTAKEN every single working day if you want a successful and sustainable restaurant.

1. Motivation

TRAINING doesn’t just mean your waiters can lay a table correctly or open a bottle of wine properly. It means that, they’re not only TRAINED to do those TASKS, but are also motivated to perform them to the very best of their ability.

TIP: Be the best manager you can be! Be supportive, honest and respectful to all staff members.


2. Creating a Team

By taking the TIME to TRAIN your staff you’ll be showing them, that you not only value them as employees but as human beings too, and by doing this you’ll be able to create a TEAM who’ll pull TOGETHER and support you and the restaurant through THICK and THIN. Your staff will know you care and not just about profits and reviews but about THEM as valued TEAM members too.

TIP: Make sure each member of your team understands what is expected of them and how you expect them to treat each other.


3. Set goals

TRAINING also ensures that your staff not only understand your goals for the restaurant but also your expectation of THEM to help you attain those goals.

TIP: Set goals that are clear, understandable and achievable for your staff.


4. Train to sustain

Half an hour of TRAINING before each shift can mean the difference between success and failure of any restaurant.

TIP: No matter how busy you are training is your priority.


What are you doing to guarantee your restaurant is successful? How long do you spend each working day TRAINING your staff?

Not enough? Then we have a possible solution to your problem. Simply Service makes it easy for restaurants to train and motivate their team (on an ongoing basis) – waiter TRAINING you can TRUST.



· Open the door

· Switch on the lights

· Turn on the coffee machine

· And TRAIN.

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