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- Level 3 -

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Level 3 Simply Service Waiter Training continues your learning journey with three important lessons designed to assist you when dealing with large groups.

We’ll demonstrate how to ask the right questions to get the correct information when making a group booking plus we’ll offer creative waiter tips to assist you when managing a large party of customers.

We’ll give you techniques to help you when you encounter a customer who complains and show you how to put into practice ‘7 practical steps for handling complaints’. Continue learning when it suits you; watch the videos with their clear narration either on your phone or sitting at a computer. and best of all, when you pass the tests you're awarded a Simply Service certificate of competence.

What you learn here will help you ‘get ahead’ so you can be ‘better than the rest’.

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  1. Taking a booking for a large group
  2. Managing a large group
  3. Dealing with an unexpected large group
  4. Why customers complain
  5. 7 Steps for handling complaints
  6. Handling complains – putting the 7 steps into practice
  7. Beware the professional complainer
  8. Oops I’m sorry
  9. Don’t be an irritating waiter

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