Be A Great Waiter

- Course 2 -

Course 2 Simply Service Waiter Training continues your learning journey with practical tips for ‘getting ahead’. In the first five lessons in Course 2 you’ll learn that personal traits such as punctuality, posture and dignity combined with hard work and good general awareness will give you an edge!

We’ll move on to the next in our series of ‘Restaurant Speak’ lessons. This one explores dairy and dairy products; what they are and how they’re made. Which brings us fittingly to allergies and how vital it is for waiters to be aware of allergens.

To complete Course 2 we’ll look at a few types of drinking glasses, some of which you may be familiar with, but one or two you may never have encountered before – and then to add a bit of a fizz to this level we’ll take a peek into the world of sparkling wine and champagne.

Continue learning when it suits you; watch the videos with their clear narration either on your phone or sitting at a computer. After each lesson don’t forget to download the infographic as a memory prompt – then a multiple choice test will help you check you’ve heard and clearly understood what’s been discussed in the lesson.

You’ll need to pass every test with 80% or over to be awarded a Simply Service certificate of competence. You may take each test up to three times.

Take your own time to work through each lesson. Remember, what you learn here will help you ‘get ahead’ so you can be ‘better than the rest’.

Course Details

Estimated Time: 10 lessons: 5 hrs

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Estimated Time: 10 lessons: 5 hrs

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