I took a friend to lunch the other day. As it was her birthday I wanted to treat her and pay the bill. We had a lovely time and caught up on what we’d been doing and shared news about our families.

When it was time to go I called for the bill. The waiter brought the bill to the table and I took it. I turned away from my friend so she could not read the bill, checked it and added a tip!

When the waiter came back to the table she picked up the folder and then for some unknown reason opened it and put it down next to my friend so she could see the bill. To make matters worse she then called out the total cost of the bill as she put my card into the card machine.

What a letdown! That lunch was supposed to be my gift to my friend. She was not supposed to know how much it cost!

PLEASE give the bill to the host and don’t let anyone else see it as it is a private deal– and DON’T EVER call out the cost! INFURIATING! EMBARRASSING!

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