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As a restaurant manager you’re in the right place!
It’s a hard job – you’re the person who sets the tone, makes the restaurant awesome for customers and has the responsibility to grow the business!

What makes your life so hectic?

Training your staff
Motivating the team
Keeping your customers happy

Keeping service levels high to avoid bad reviews
Increasing the restaurants’ profitability
Growing the restaurants’ reputation

See what Jim did to make his life easier and the restaurant more profitable.

You can do the same!


Take the hassle out of training by using our trusted online courses to keep your staff trained. Keep track of their progress – see where more training is required. Every course provides practical lessons to improve customer service to ensure happy customers.


Keep your staff focussed and motivated with our daily customer service tips and certificates of achievements awarded for every course passed. Great customer service not only grows your business, but also generates higher tips for your staff. And that makes them happy!



No one wants to see a negative online review on TripAdvisor! So we provide you with a platform to allow your customers to tell you what they think before they make it public? This gives you a space to address and fix the problem and keeps the customers smiling.

Mark from Major Fraser’s

“We joined Simply Service to train our staff, and the results have been nothing short of amazing! The courses are to the point, relevant and very useful to train both new and existing staff members. We also use the weekly tips sheets to keep our staff focussed. 

The Major Fraser’s team is motivated, our customers are happy and we get rave feedback from customers! Thank you Simply Service!”

Take your restaurant to the next level!

As a Simply Service member you’ll have access to the latest online training courses for your staff at a massively discounted rate. Train all your new staff to ensure they are up to scratch. Keep your existing team proficient with our latest courses. Choose the membership option that best suits your restaurant based on the number of course enrolments you’d like access to every month. 

In addition to training courses for your team, you’ll get:

Certificates of Achievement for every team member who passes a course with a score of 80% or more. This doesn’t just motivate but also encourages other staff members to improve their course scores. You’ll be able to hang the certificates on a wall to show off your team’s skills!

Access to our Private Simply Service Facebook Group where you can hang out with others in the industry. This is where lots of the action takes place and you’ll benefit greatly from joining the conversations. We also feature case studies from our members who use Simply Service to improve their business.

Weekly Waiter Tips to keep your staff focussed and motivated. Our tips are designed to be printed and stuck on a wall where every member of the team can see them. We send it to you weekly but each delivery includes a set of tips for every day of the week. 

Access to Members-Only Content where we talk about relevant topics, do interviews with restaurant rock stars, discuss ways to improve your restaurant and answer your questions. This is a great place to get ideas on how to grow your business and improve your performance.

You get our Customer Feedback Platform as part of the Enterprise Membership so you can easily manage your online reputation, identify great service from team members and immediately pick up on areas that need improving. When a customer writes a great review you can automatically ask them to post it on Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor! Yeh!


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