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Have you got the team you deserve? Do all your team members pull together? Do they do exactly what they say they’ll do, when they say they’ll do it? Do they respect and trust each other to do their jobs properly? If not, why not?

James Says… Better Service = Bigger Tips

Some days are long.  Some customers are painful.  Sometimes you seem to be doing most of the work as your colleagues are not really pulling their weight and helping out. But just remember, in the service industry, what you put in you normally get out. A simple smile,...

Beth Says… Don’t Let Other Guests See The Bill

I took a friend to lunch the other day. As it was her birthday I wanted to treat her and pay the bill. We had a lovely time and caught up on what we’d been doing and shared news about our families. When it was time to go I called for the bill. The waiter...

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