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Online Learning Platform

Simply Service is an online learning platform designed specifically for service industry training. Our restaurant training and guest house courses help you to build a strong, motivated team and saves you time to spend on other aspects of the business.


Developing your skills will help you provide awesome customer service. Our courses are designed to ensure you understand what it takes to make a customer happy! And a happy customer means more return customers and better online reviews.


Whether you already have a position in the service industry or you’re thinking about it, Simply Service Training Courses are here to help you! We want to show you how easy it is to deliver GREAT SERVICE!

Skills Development

We aim to set you on the right track to develop your skills. We guide you. But success is SIMPLY YOU!

Mark from Major Fraser’s

“We joined Simply Service to train our staff, and the results have been nothing short of amazing! The courses are to the point, relevant and very useful to train both new and existing staff members. We also use the weekly tips sheets to keep our staff focussed. 

The Major Fraser’s team is motivated, our customers are happy and we get rave feedback from customers! Thank you Simply Service!”


It’s the perfect solution to improve your customer service and staff training. You get new staff all the time and you want them to be trained before serving your customers. Your existing staff needs consistent training to stay motivated and focused. Our membership allows you to access as many courses as you need to ensure your staff training is up to scratch at all times.

And that’s just one of the many benefits…



$49 per month
Save $98 on annual membership!

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Save $248 on annual membership!

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Featured Courses

If you want to purchase single courses, this is the place to do it. Search for the course you want to take and click on it. Our restaurant training courses offer an excellent foundation for staff. New courses are added on a regular basis. Our comprehensive guest house course will be live soon! So go on, ENROL, register and you’re ready to go

Individuals: Any Questions?

Can I register for a course as an individual?
YES It’s easy. Choose the course you want to take and click ‘ENROL’.
How long does it take to complete a course?
You can complete each level in your own time. When you log-on for the first time you will have three months to finish that particular level. So there is no rush.
Are there individual lessons I can take?
YES there are a variety of stand-alone lessons you can enrol in to keep you up to date.
What is an infographic?
Infographics are designed to jog your memory on what was covered in each module. There is an infographic for each lesson in each level.

And best of all, infographics are downloadable, so you can have it handy when you want to reference something quickly.

Will I get a certificate?
At the end of each lesson there is a short test. They’re designed to make sure that you have clearly understood what you’ve been taught in each lesson.

Each question has multi choice answers. You just need to click on the correct answer/s.

You can do each test up to three times. At the end of the course you will be presented with a personalised certificate of competence if you achieved a minimum pass rate of 80%.

Business Membership: Any Questions?

What are the benefits for my business joining Simply Service?
You’ll be joining a community of like-minded people eager to learn and to share their experiences of the service industry. And with a mix of restaurant owners, industry experts and waiters in the community, it’s a winning recipe.

The benefits include:

  • Access to our private Facebook Group where all the action is taking place.
  • Members-only content that includes advice, tips and helpful information from experts in the industry.
  • Discounts on all the Simply Service courses.
  • Exclusive live webinars for Simply Service members where the latest hot topics are discussed. And most webinars include bonuses only available to members.
  • Monthly competitions with awesome prizes up for grabs!
  • Weekly Tips to keep your staff interested and motivated.
  • Handy Quiz Cards to keep your staff focused on service!

Why wait? Join now!

How can I register my staff on a Training Courses?
Choose the membership option most suited to your requirements and you will have access to the training courses for your staff.
Can I monitor my staff's training progress?
YES. You will have a dashboard to enrol new staff members for training and to see how they are doing. This is a great way to reward staff that do well in the training. Each student will get a certificate of achievement when they pass the test at the end of each lesson.
How long will it take a staff member to complete a course?
This depends on the course taken, but in general, our courses consist of about 10 lessons. Taking a course in one sitting, will take approximately 6 hours. That might be a bit overwhelming, so we suggest completing the course over a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
Is there revision material available?
YES we have designed an infographic for each lesson which can be downloaded for display in a prominent place as a daily visual reminder! Encourage your staff to work through the infographics after each lesson.

In addition to the infographics, our monthly and annual members receive helpful tips and short quizzes on a regular basis. These can be used to motivate and test your staff on a regular basis.


As a retired restaurant owner I think this new online introduction to waiter training affords staff the opportunity of an easy and understandable access to the fundamentals of this vocation. For aspiring restaurateurs this programme takes away much of the daunting ‘waiter training’ experience.

– Allan Jack,  Retired Restaurateur and Wine Fundi

This online training platform should be the go-to resource for every waiter wanting to succeed in the restaurant industry. It’s insightful and accessible; a gentle introduction for beginners and great way for those already in the business to further their knowledge.I would recommend that every member of a front of house team take this course.

– Kate Liquorish, Food Writer and Restaurant Critic

Simply Service has created an easy-to-use online platform where waiters can learn everything they need to know in order to succeed in the service industry. The content is easily accessible for beginners and allows more experienced waiters to gain deeper insight. I would recommend this course to everyone who is employed in a front of house team.

– Meghan Anderson, Instructional Designer and Facilitator

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